Important Notice About Using Help

Please read this entire page carefully to insure you get the help you need as fast as possible.

Regardless of the challenge you may be experiencing, rest assured that your question is very important to us.

Moreover, helping you find the solution and the assistance you need is just as important. Support tickets are answered within 24 to 48 hours. Our help desk is open from 9:00AM to 5:00PM EET. Monday thru Friday and we follow the Romania’s National Holiday schedule.  You can also call our office between these hours at 0040 769 05 7340

STEP 1: Please check the FAQ for an answer to your question.

STEP 2: If you did not see the answer in the FAQ then submit a ticket.

Please Keep In Mind that most general questions have already been answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section below and in the knowledge base files of our help desk. If you decide to submit a ticket you must create an account at our support desk and then log back in TO THE HELP DESK within 24 hours to see our response. Keep in mind that the support staff is here to help you with the operation of THIS website. If you need help and advice building your business we recommend personal coaching.
Remember, you can contact Mihai’s office at 0040-7690-57340 we always listen to the messages and get back with you ASAP. However, keep in mind that if you’re inquiring or have questions about your coaching calls, you should contact Mihai as he’ll be the one on the private coaching calls.
You can contact AFTENI if you have any questions pertaining to the functionality of our site, or if you have any concerns. However, as mentioned above, in order to discuss your coaching please contact Mihai by posting a comment inside of the “Timeline” page. Mihai is monitoring your “timeline” daily and will answer your questions at his earliest convenience.


Register For The Monthly Q & A Sessions  As part of your Partnership program you may attend a monthly Q & A session with Mihai & our team. These group sessions are held via webinar. The sessions are recorded and the replays are made available to all members. You can ask anything you want during the call and Mihai will be happy to answer your questions. The call doesn’t end until all questions have been addressed.

Schedule One Of Your Calls  As part of your Partnership program you may receive several hours worth of one on one coaching calls. The # of hours you get depends on the package you purchased. It is Most Unexceptional to schedule a call to review your progress when you are ready to move on to a new project phase. All consultations are scheduled in 30 minute blocks.

Please only book one call at a time.

Please ensure you arrive for your appointment on time so you can get the full 30 minutes. It is also advisable you check your Skype system is working correctly and you have tested your sound, mic and recording equipment. Appointment times will be given in EET Bucharest time. It is your responsibility to check the time difference with your country. Mihai’s Skype ID is “mafteni” please add this before your call.

Join Our Facebook Group  Remember to use the peer group for help and brainstorming. We want you to be part of our community. We are all very active on Facebook. We want to be there for you and make ourselves as available to you as possible. Meet other members and share ideas with one another. Together we can succeed a lot faster.

STEP 1: Please check the FAQ for an answer to your question.

STEP 2: If you did not see the answer in the FAQ then submit a ticket.

Group Call

Here you will have access to the scheduled group calls. You’re going to want to register so that you can get your email reminders.


Why wait for a response from our support staff when the answer to your question may very well be sitting right here on the FAQ page? Please peruse the FAQ page before submitting a ticket to our help staff below.